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I'm scared I'm losing my relationship?

I've been with my boyfriend 3 years and love him to pieces we have a great relationship we moves in together this year and has a baby
he's an amazing daddy and was so good helping me after my emergency c section
But since I dunno whether it's my hormones making me imagine it but he seems a but distant our baby is terrible sleeper at night now were taking turns at sleeping downstairs with him
Which means we get no time to be intimate our to relax together

But the thing is the baby sleeps great during the day and family take him out at times during the day and he still dosnt want to do anything
I know men want sex just make s me wonder has becoming a mum put him off me in that way
Ano its not everything in a relationship but it does make you feel close and it just scares me he's wanting someone else that's why he dosnt want come near me because not be rude he must be wanking over other girls it's been 5 weeks
I'm scared I'm losing my relationship?
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