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Is he starting to like me more?

Few nights ago i met one of my fuckbuddy. We only see each other late at night except for the second time we met when he asked me to go out for dinner.

last night was kind of weird for me because he asked me "what do you see us as?" I told him that i really like him but mainly it's just sex. He gave me a kind of angry/upset look. Then later that night he said "i usually don't do girls like you. Annoying, clingy, etc. but i keep on coming back for more." He also said "girls like you.. you use your beauty to get what you want. I'm not falling that haha"

for your information we don't text often. First text always comes from him except if i need to confirm when and where we're meeting. So i don't understand why he said that i am clingy.

last night before going to bed he cuddled me so tightly (which he never does, unless its "im gonna hug you from behind so your butt touches my peepee" kind of cuddle) he also kissed my shoulder before heading to sleep, still having me wrapped tightly around his arms.

can anyone tell me what's going on here? Why the sudden questions and weird behaviors?
Is he starting to like me more?
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