Guys what makes you want to kiss a girl?

what can a girl do that makes you want to kiss her?

or what about her makes you want to kiss her?

basically I'm trying to get the guy I like to kiss me


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  • Setup is important, a kiss should be impulsive but the reality of impulse is there is a lot of biology behind it. If you want to improve your odds you need to setup the situation to encourage a kiss scenario (though don't over think this part of it will work with opposite effect).

    1) No Stresses. Trying to arrange a kiss near their Mum or their ex girlfriend (no matter how over her he is) is sailing into disaster.

    2) Lots of indicators you want to be kissed and especially by him (hint it as strongly as you dare, if you think he's the type to be into it, just outright joke, so I hope you kiss me tonight, wink and see do something else for a bit). Though the more subtle the better, some guys are put off if a girl is too obvious / too easy to read. Though just to be a pain some are lost without hammer blow hints... know your man. For preference if he only picks up / hears theses hints its a lot sexier.

    3) Be in a situation where a kiss would not be unexpected or seem out of place. So preferably just the two of you somewhere enjoying a day (though of course be safe).

    4) A moment. Sit an take in the environment on a bench in the park, hold his hand.

    When you have the chance, at the right moment:

    Intensity of attraction in your eyes is the key. Hold his eyes. Smile. Lean in (like Lee10 says). If you find he's not going to kiss you but he's not backing away either, just hold there in close don't flinch or worry what he's thinking wait move very very slowly forward.

    Basicly if he doesn't back/away he's interested even if he doesn't kiss you. Some guys are hellishly shy about kissing, some guys you would have to kiss first.


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  • Happened to me recently so it's fresh...

    We were dancing very closely (my arms around her and her arms around me) and had eye contact all the time. Our noses were just touching and all I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss her... :-)

    So it's all in the eye and touch... and if there's chemistry you don't need anything special...

  • Get close to him, look into his eyes, bite your lower lip and move in, if he doesn't pick up the signals then I don't know what else you could possibly do

  • What Lee10 said. If that doesn't work, you could also try stroking his face a little bit.

  • Basically her LIPS ! :)

  • Simple fact is that I love her and that's what makes me wanna kiss her


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  • That would um get your point across for sure but that might get other things going in his "head" eye contact is the biggest thing, also touch his arm, flirt, and if he still doesn't "get the hint" just go for it and kiss him :)