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Did I handle this properly?

I have this guy that I am sorta seeing. Him and I will agree to one time to do something. Let's say he will suggest we do X at this time, and I say okay. He will then text me that morning saying, he do you want to do such and such earlier. I was agreeable to that. So we went to where we needed to go and he made a suggestion. He said how about we go Y here tomorrow. I was also agreeable. So as time gets closer to the time he proposed, he texts me and says "hey do you still wanna do Y today and if so can we do it later? I respectfully told him that my time is valuable so I respectfully decline his offer. I don't like the fact that he proposes a time and then an hour before suggested we do it "later." So am I wrong, did I handle this the correct way? He is very busy, but it is my belief that if you are busy don't make plans,
Did I handle this properly?
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