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Do inter-racial long distance relationships work?

I am 25. I work for a small IT firm in a small city in India. It all started when I commented on some random FB post and had a small argument with some white guy who lived thousands of miles away. Later on he sent me friend request and some messages apologizing for being rude to me. He is in his early thirties. He has a scary mafia type inked body. I didn't like him much though. After 1 month of random chats he expressed his interest in meeting me. We would talk everyday and things turned around when one fine morning he told me that he is in my city standing right outside my office. He flew to India changing flights twice, took a train , bus and a taxi to reach me. I felt dead cold. I live in a small city and can't be seen hanging around with a foreigner. Since he really travelled so far to meet me, I felt I owed him. I brought him to my small apartment and next thing I know is we were kissing.
He took a shower and I gave him a nice relaxing massage on his head. He had expensive Scottish whiskey which we enjoyed later that night and had sex. Sex was quite painful as he was big and rough. But I never resisted as I had fallen for him already. He stayed with me for over 2 months in my apartment. Its' been a year now since we met. We talk regularly and hope to meet again.

I don't understand if these inter racial relations work?
He expects me to leave everything and live with him in his country. He hopes I will find a job.
He claims to never have been married and no kids.

What you guys think?
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i dont know much about white people. I feel they divorce and remarry a lot. I am scared the people there will think im a gold digger. thats what bothers me a lot

Do inter-racial long distance relationships work?
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