He wants to upload photos of us kissing, why?

Last night I went out with some friends. We played the tequila shot game where you have to suck the lemon from the other person's mouth. I was partnered with my guy friend.. he was the only guy there apart from another girl's husband, but one of the girl's thinks he has a crush on me. We both had to suck the lemon from each other and one of the girl's captured a few intimate photos.

He's a very innocent guy, like me who probably wouldn't put photos of him kissing girls up on FB (unless it was his girlfriend). He asked if I wanted them up and I said I didn't mind, but only because I don't feel ashamed of what I did because he's such a nice guy and prior to last night I had had a slight crush on him.

Does he want to put them up because he's not embarrassed to be seen with me like that? Does he like me as more than a friend?

Also, we text a lot and he says things like "I wish I could have kept you company." He teases me too!


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  • listen its not difficult to understand this. I am a guy and I know we don like exposing ourselves with someone hu doesn't look attractive or otherwise we would expose ourselves with someone not attractive but that we admire for many other reasons( like you say you are a nice girl which isn't common this days). To be straight forward he feels comfortable with you and has feelings for you to have put a pic of you guys kissing without any fear other girls might see it hence he doesn't care what they think as what you think matters more, plus he texts you everyday. Its now up to you to show him you are interested too just like you do "i guess" by been nice to his texts, and by trying to know him. take your time because the longest lasting couples were first friends b4 been a couple. Gd luck it might be it. :)


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  • by the sounds of it, he likessss you! how do you feel about him?

  • He likes you. He also wants to show you off to his friends so they think he's cool and get girls.


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