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Should I assume that men find me unattractive?

So I’m in my mid twenties and fail to attract a man that I’d want to date. In HS, guys never asked me out and I didn’t get into a short term relationship/fling until I was in my early twenties. In HS, I was chunkier and didn’t look better until I was around 19. But even thinner, men didn’t ask me out. I go from being absolutely invisible to only getting noticed by men that I would not want to date. People tell me I’m cute and I thought the weight loss would help a lot. I feel so angry and bitter, if I really was pretty, I would get attention and have a pool of men to choose from. Beautiful people don’t have to try, are people lying about my looks? I don’t have a social life, I have had it up to here with people and only look through the apps. And don’t say that it’s because I’m using the apps, the apps work for a lot of people.
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Should I assume that men find me unattractive?
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