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5 things I seek in a woman, is if logical?

5 things I want in a woman. I am doing this to see that most woman would find this attractive or disgusting.

A) A woman with good looks as such big boobs, big rounded not too big butt. Voluptuous. Sexy appeal with her dressing and chrisma. That's my unique want.

B) A woman who likes ambition, as well has lots of energy and knows what she likes and dislikes. Not a drama queen.

C) A woman with sense of humour, down to earth and isn't afraid of confrontation to get her way and says it like it is, no matter who.

D) An intelligent woman who is reserved and conservative about her culture, manners and money.

E) A woman that knows how to treat her man with respect, honour, and love. At the same time isn't afraid to show affection and love to her man. Very open minded sexually.
5 things I seek in a woman, is if logical?
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