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Will I have better luck in dating when I go to college?

So far my dating life has been nonexistent and I feel somewhat behind and left out from what all of my peers around me are experiencing. A few guys have shown interest in me, but I was not interested in them. The guys that I did have interest in, did not have interest in me. I even shot my shot twice. The first time I got rejected, the second time the guy just played with my feelings and pretended to be interested in me, so I ended things. I wouldn't say I'm particularly off-putting. Maybe I am a little too confident, but I think I am in fairly good shape and am a good person. I exercise regularly, have plenty of friends that I think can attest to my positive attributes, like being funny and open minded, and have goals in life. I honestly don't think I am below any of the other girls who do have boyfriends and constant male attention, but obviously I don't consider myself to be above them. Will it be easier to get into a relationship once I leave high school? I am graduating this year. I know that I could have just dated one of the guys that showed prior interest in me, but I would never want to get into a relationship with someone who I have no attraction to "just because" and then leading them on (like what happened to me), I would rather have it be where we are mutually romantically interested in one another. I just don't get what these girls are doing to get swarmed by guys...
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Will I have better luck in dating when I go to college?
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