Are they to good for me?

My best friend are both seniors and I'm just a sophomore. Us three literally spend every waking second that we can together. They are both very pretty too. People say we are the hottest group of best friends ever! Both of them aren't virgins and I've never even kissed a dude before. We have lots of guy friends that we hangout with every single day with too. Guys always fall for those two and they always seem more interested in them. Should I step up my game? Kiss someone? Find new friends more suited for me? What should I do?!


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  • What you should do is stay focused on your individuality. You can't define yourself as 1/3 of the "hottest group of friends" at your high school. I know it doesn't seem like it now but high school means almost nothing in the grand scheme, and you're at a very formative age when you could best spend your time following your own interests and exploring who you really are. If you meet a guy you genuinely like, not some guy that the other two think you should kiss (although if that all works out, great), then sure kiss him.

    All I'm saying is don't surrender your mind over to groupthink in your clique. It is almost impossibly difficult to get out of that kind of thing since it's so easy to just let them decide for you.


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