Does it mean he will come and hang out if he says "I'm sure we could"? I don't want to get hopes up.

I've been trying to hang out with this guy I like for awhile, we talk and text each day. I asked if he would like to hang out today and he said I'm sure we could, I asked a if he figured the best time and he didn't know, but I said it had to be before 3:30ish. I even asked about this weekend and he said he wasn't sure what he was doing this weekend, but said that he's sure we can hang out today. I'm like good finally, but does that mean he will? I don't want to get my hopes up.


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  • I agree with the answere under me, if he isn't as eager to hang out with you as you are, and isn't going out of his way to make it happen, he's probly just trying to be nice. I would leave him alone and wait for a guy to come to you, guy's like the chase, but they reallyyyyyy don't wanna " be chased" , Go find someone worth your time girl!

  • Yikes ... I hate to be the one that says it, but it doesn't sound like he's that interested. If he doesn't say a straight up "sure/yes" to your initial question and dodges questions about what time to meet, that's the only thing that I would assume. I could be totally wrong, but I speak from my experience.

    • And in the future, I would not add "finally" to a text, it just seems like you've been wanting this too much. You know how guys get when girls are a little too eager to hang out.