Is he still interested in me?

My friend and I finally met in person. It was awkward to say the least. Apparently I seemed guarded and I got some conflicting energy vibes from him too. Like he was trying to hold back. He wanted to take things slow but we got sexualish after we kissed. He got my top off but we didn't go farther than that (he stopped, not me). He said that he stopped because he felt like I was uncomfortable. According to him, I seemed shy and guarded. I recently told him that I had some past trauma (not sexual) and now he wants me to seek counseling. He wants us now to revert back to just hugging but nothing more since I guess we are not ready. He has issues too... just hasn't told me what yet.

I don't know how to take this. I like him a lot, he said that I won't lose his friendship and he's not afraid to know me. However with him not wanting to do anything more than hugging scares me. I'm afraid he lost interest. I really wanted to maybe be more than friends someday. I hope he's not lost interest and is only wanting to take things slow to bound with me to lead further... verses vanishing one day.

Please if you all can tell me what you think... I really like him. I'm scared of losing him.
Is he still interested in me?
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