I catfished a guy and he wants to be friends?

Our relationship is toxic i started it with a lie i catfished and he fell in “love” and then i sent him my real pic and he was like “who is that ugly girl” and he said mean things which i knew he would say which is why i catfished originally... anyway i decided to tell him the truth regardless 🤷‍♀️ he didn’t want to end our relationship he insists on having me as a friend but not a girlfriend, and our relationship is weird he is feeling guilty and he keeps on saying things like you are actually cute u know i didn’t mean to say these things i was just shocked and it sucks because i know he says them out of guilt and he is trying to undo what he said but the damage is done and well deserved, i tried to delete him i don’t think we can be friends (since he finds me ugly) our relationship is fucked but he told me to stay what should i do?
I catfished a guy and he wants to be friends?
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