Why do you think he didn't call me?

I liked this boy for a really long time and I stopped talking to him for like 3 months and I had a dream about him on night and when I got up I really missed him so I messaged him and said I missssss you and I wasn't expecting to get a reply and he acually did and the convo went like this

him no you dont

me yeaa I dooo

him aww I miss you to

me so what have you been up to you should come stay over Friday and my mom can bring you home in the morning

him OK ill come after I get my hair cut

me OK do you want me to text you or message you on here

him it don't matter

and I texted him like 3 times on that day and he didn't answer me and he was on Facebook because he updated his statuses and I messaged him when I got home and said thankssss I been waiting for you all day and he said sorry he got called for some job intervews witch is a lie because he was with some girl that I hate that day because she wrote on his status as the hack things and wrote love her name at the bottem of it

and I said do you wanna come next weekend and he said ill see and I hate when he says that so I just never messaged him since I sat there like a retard all day waiting for him and he never called me and I thought I would just give it one more try with us to see where things went because I do still love him I just don't like him

what should I do?

why do you think he didn't call me?


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  • He didn't call because he's just not interested. He chose to spend time with another girl after he told you he would come spend time with you. Not a good way to handle it, and he should have been honest. However, bottom line, he just wasn't interested.

    Also, for future reference, when dealing with relationships as you get older, past the age of 17, refrain from the whole "My mom can give you a ride" situation. I live with my parents, and I still leave them out of the dating situation. I drive myself over, and back. If I didn't have a car, he would pick me up and take me back, or my parents would drive me, and I would drive myself over there. I would avoid any situation involving a guy stay over while my parents are home. Really awkward, and even more awkward to have him driven home by my parents the morning after. That's why I don't date a guy without a car, and why I make sure I have my license.. This is probably not why he didn't call, but its a good tip and it will make you seem much more mature.


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  • You're making yourself too available. I typically wouldn't say that, because it's attractive when a girl takes initiative, but two texts after starting a conversation, you invited him over. That says needy to me

    • what do you mean?

    • He means your being over-eager, and there's nothing to fight for. I'd forget him anyway, he sounds like a d*** tbh.

  • He's just not that into you


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  • PPersonally, I think you shouldn't have texted him so quickly and said I miss you and stuff like that. you shouldn't ask him to spend the night so soon he probably thinks you were making him a one night stand. As for the girl thing it could be nothing...trust me

    • ew I wouldn't make hima one night stand I really like him and I have for 3 years

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    • were 17 lol

    • still do a small date

  • He's not interested, obviously. Hun, if a guy is really into you, he'll find a way to be with you.

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