Jealous girls, and maintaining friendships?

So I work full time (fashion model).

I spend a lot of my time in clubs + bars. Whenever I go out, I’m pretty much approached by nearly every single man (in any given place) asking for my number. I’ll give it to anyone/everyone. Why not? 😂

This tends to piss the non model women that I’m out with.
As most times - the guys will be talking to them, see me and then just kind of forget the girls (and aggressively pursue me instead).

If the girls see a guy they like, and the guy approaches me, I don’t hesitate to date him. I can’t help the way that I look, however I now have no female friends left.

I’m not prepared to change my behaviour, as I can’t control who the men like.
I’ve explained this to the 35+ women , but they let jealousy overcome them unfortunately.

I. have no girlfriends left at this stage- and really want to be able to resume going back out clubbing ASAP and meet some new guys, so any tips would be welcome?
Jealous girls, and maintaining friendships?
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