Would you share your special love experience?

It could be anything!

sad, heartbreaking, an exciting happy moment...

for instance a friend once told me about her friend... they were in love but didn't date Because they didn't wanna risk their friendship..

This had been going on for 3 years until one day the girl's grandma died and he was there for her. He went to the funeral with her and stayed with her the whole time. It was raining a while after and everybody stayed in front of the grave, he took off his hoody and covered her while he got soaked to the skin...

Then he kissed her before she got into his car and she stopped crying.

They've been together as a couple ever since <3


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  • I was dating my wife's best friend when we met. One day she asked me if I really liked he best friend. "Too bad,' she said, when I told her I did. So I grabbed her and kissed her...and killsed her..and we're still kissing today.


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