Is there a chance he has feelings for me OR is just into me?

I think having feelings and being into somebody are two different things. Am I right?

So I’ve been seeing this guy for 3 months now, we’ve talked for that long and hung out 3 times (pre covid). We had an instant connection and he brings up all the time that he loves how comfortable we are with each other and never had this type of connection before. We’re able to be intimate (not sex, just “fun”) but also have veryy deep life conversations. Lol its weird

Things he does:
-He texts me everyday, even if he’s busy he’ll mention that he still wanted to message me. Or he’ll ask to call me.
-deleted his dating apps
-compliments me alllllll the time
-I’m a single mother so he bought an outift for my son
-tells me he misses my hugs
-we were touchy with each other in person

Obviously we can’t hang right now (covid) but he always expresses how much he wants to and all that, and what we would have done.

He told me he is definitely interested in me but doesn’t want to rush and take things slow, just like me.
I know he’s into me, he flat out said that. But how can you tell if he is starting to actually develop some feelings? I guess I keep reading everywhere “if a man wants you, he will GET YOU” which sounds scary lmao but know what I mean?
Is there a chance he has feelings for me OR is just into me?
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