If I was the ruler, what would you demand from me, especially girls?

my 1st work on my agenda is taking my place and the population in it into a legendary place, where it's like paradise, choosing people who are the most close to me in their ideology and thinking, when I gather them...i won't be a ruler anymore, they will be all rulers...they will be living in love, you can close your eyes and be sure your safe and everybody will be friendly even we may still have ups and downs cause we still humans and not complete, but a lot better than the outside dirty selfish world...but it's very hard to find a place like that in hell, it's like searching for the light in the darkness and searching for a flower between the flames of fire...

(Just for fun!):D

  • As a girl, I would demand you for a good economy and lowering prices so we can be housewives!
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  • As a girl, I would demand you to make a law protecting us from domestic abuse and that a housewife is equal to any men...etc
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  • As a girl, I demand you to really take us to this place and let us all be like brothers and sisters and living like in paradise!
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  • As a man, I demand you to leave me in hell and not take me with you...i want to remain a low life bug and a cheater and heart breaker, robbing & leaving all my responsibilities on a female that I had sex with her and dumber her for another...
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  • As a man, I demand....something else
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you were a ruler, I'd like you to measure the depth of your brain.


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  • ...can I have what ever youve been smoking?

    • I never smocked anything in my life, and if you were in front of me and wanted to smoke something bad for your health I won't let you...you may hurt yourself but not in front of me!

  • I wouldn't.

  • what the f*** is wrong with you?

  • Id demand you shoot your self in the head!


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd demand your resignation.

  • i didn't read the whole thing. just wanted to vote.