How do you get back into the dating game after so long?

I have been in a LTR for 19 years. My question is : How do you get back into the dating game after so long? Any help is appreciated.


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  • Go to a club or a bar and look for women I mean there's not a whole lot you can do besides go out on the prowl.

    • i would rether not go on the prowl at this time in my life.. I don't drink and I would like to find someone that is into me for me and not the drunk.

    • I was just naming a few common places for meeting people.

    • Thank you. I think I could matbe find someone lie in a store or the mall. but hey thanks anyway

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  • The absolute best way to meet people is through friends. It's safe and less pressure.

    It's really hard to just meet someone and instantly *click*

    If your friends are somewhat stale then I'd look for opportunities to look for new friends.

    The game is always the same, when you go out looking for a mate, you end up being too aggressive and ends on poop. If you go out looking for friendships and overall just to enjoy life, you'll like you find with that mindset.