I've met a lot of people except my boyfriend's friends?

I've been dating this guy for about a month or two and I've met everyone except his friends. I met one friend before though and another two I know from high school already. I remember him being on the phone with one and he mentioned there was a party, he asked why no one told him. His friend said he was with me. My boyfriend's reply was that I could have come with him. I heard his friend say no.

Other times I've heard him say he "hung out with the squad" I don't know if he was lying though because that was around the time we took a break.

I've asked him if he wanted to meet this guy I've been hanging out with and he said yes at first but when I asked a week or two later he said no. Yet he wants me to go on a double date with some girl he knows that's visiting from out of town with her boyfriend.

I tried to invite him go karting with me and some people and he asked if it was ok if he brought someone along. I said yeah and told him to let me know if he found someone. The day comes and he didn't day anything. Then we talked about it later that week and he claimed he was waiting with his friend. Yet he didn't call like he does any other time when he's expecting me over.

Maybe it's his friends or a combination of him and his friends.
I've met a lot of people except my boyfriend's friends?
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