POLISH PEOPLE!!! I NEED HELP!!! Will you help me?

I have a Polish girlfriend. We're in a long distance relationship. I really love her a lot and she does too.
Anyways. She reallllyyyy likes giving nicknames. And I like that too. But she likes it so much that she actually did research on my native language to find nicknames to call me by, to make me feel more special 🥰
I really love that and I want to show the same admiration I have for her by giving her a nickname from her own language (Polish)
But here's the thing. I don't know about polish culture and I don't know which nicknames are more admired by polish girls or which of the names a polish girl would like to be called by.

So I've given some that I like, down below. And I need polish guys and girls to tell me which one would she like more.

Your help will be really appreciated ☺️
Kochanie (Honey/Darling)
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Maleńka (Little One)
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Kotek (Kitten) [She reallllyyyy loves cats, she has three. So I'm thinking maybe this one]
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Serduszko (Sweetheart)
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Żabko (Froggie) [ according to a polish blog, this is actually a nice thing to say!]
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Aniołku (Angel)
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Kochana (My Love)
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POLISH PEOPLE!!! I NEED HELP!!! Will you help me?
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