I really need your advice?

So it’s been three weeks since my boyfriend dumped me and we were going back and forth from texting like everything was good and then to ignoring each other and each time I was just hurting myself more and more because I still loved him and it’s now taken a toll of my new job and that’s the last thing I ever wanted it to do. And today my boss pulled me to the side to ask what was going on and I literally broke down in tears when she mentioned how it feels like I’ve lost my spark since she’s first met me. And at this point by him being gone I feel like I don’t have that person in my life to tell me that everything’s gonna be okay again and I really just need some help or advice. I’ve tried getting therapeutic help but because of covid every place I’ve contacted is booked for weeks if not months and I even tried contacting my own doctor as well and no luck. Does anybody know what I can do about this situation...
I really need your advice?
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