For women who like women and girls?

Reminder - This is in the Dating Section.

Hey, hey women on G. A. G. i welcome you to my first ever question based for us :D No men coming in here today sorry lads, but okay away with the jokes. I got a very basic question.

Yes i know i used stereotypes here and that there are more than 4 types of women, but i had to put down options 🤣

What girl do you prefer?
A. A soft, cute cuddly girl that is most definitely shorter than you, probably the shortest person ever. ( Me in this category ) she might need someone to make her feel protected.
B. A soft and caring girl that is just a tad shorter or same height as you. She can almost always stand up for herself but also enjoys it when her partner stands up for her.
C. A Nice and caring if a bit strong women who will always do nice things for you, she will carry groceries for you out of nothing, and randomly put a flower for you at your Jobs desk with a love note.
D. A woman who enjoys being the dominant and protective one in the relationship, she will put you on her lap without asking you, pull you against her and kiss you, grab your bum out of nothing and even tell you to go into the shower that she'll join you soon.

Please also put your letter you voted on here and let us fellow women know your type ^-^

Reason for asking question:
I single m'kay? I want to have hope of finding someone.
For women who like women and girls?
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