Why does this guy keep texting me?

I met a guy at a party a couple months ago at a different university that's an hour away. We texted once or twice every week (he lacked in conversation, even if he started it) and it was late because usually he worked.

I tried hanging out with him twice, the first time I kind of unintentionally blew him off, my friends didn't want to meet up with him, the next time, I told him I was in town and he told me to text him when I wanted to hang out. I did, he told me he wasn't back in town (baseball game) but he would text me when he was. He never texted and had my friends and I waiting for him. This made me so mad, so even though I still like him, I felt I needed to move on, and not care about this guy

However, this seems hard to do since a week later, he texted me "hey what's up". I never responded and expected he would never text again, however tonight, he just texted me again "hey hey what's up" (by his wording, I think he's drunk-he usually only texts me at night, when he's drunk and only to make small talk).

I'm confused by how he's acting, if I was only a booty call wouldn't he have left me alone by now? I haven't even met up with him once. Plus, he never talks dirty, doesn't flirt with me over text (only at the party he did) and gives short answers, yet he still texts me first? Why?

Sorry, this is long, I'm just extremely annoyed and confused (even though I still like him). Why does he keep texting me?


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  • seems like he's playin with you a bit whether its intentional I don't know, or he's not very good with girls its usually not good if you can't hold a conversation or can only text if their drunk or whatever you should keep with the not texting him back maybe he'll get the cue and leave you alone

    • yeah, I stopped before but I don't know why he keeps texting me-he hasn't even tried anything, which is weird. Maybe he wants to look cool at a party because he's texting someone ha ha idk. He has usually texted me back, even when sober, he just only texts first when drunk and his convos over text are short (unless I ask him a bunch of questions-he kind of gets into it), and they are one word answers, even if they are an "yup lol" or a "lol", so basically pointless.

    • i wouldn't doubt the trying to look cool thing cause I've seen people fake texting and then saying their texting a girl lol. so like you said its pointless and keep with the not responding and he should stop, and if he doesn't then I don't know haha

    • haha OK, thanks. it will be hard since he was actually a guy who I was attracted to for once (I'm shy so usually guys I'm not attracted to come up to me) but if he's going to act like this then yeah its dumb for me to even try. Thanks! :)

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