Will this relationship become fruitful or not?

I'll just state facts about what has happened between me, and my boyfriend to let you guys decide on if we should continue it or not. We have been dating for a couple of years. Initially, he lied to me about many things because he felt like he "had to" because his previous relationships weren't good. He doesn't "remember" when I try to discuss something that has happened in the past either, like yesterday I was trying to talk about an issue where I asked him for a ride but he declined saying his car was unavailable in the moment. So, we just took my car and shortly after parting ways (we don't live together) I see a girl post a picture of him, her, and another girl in the backseat of his truck on social media taking them to the grocery store. He said he "had to" take them because he didn't want to be rude since they were already climbing in his car (which I later found out that him and that girl had a romantic relationship I didn't know about until recently since he never told me when I asked). He even gave his jacket to another girl saying that it was just out of friendship/kindness.

He gets upset/jealous over one male friend in particular, and I had to stop talking to him just to make my boyfriend happy which still didn't work because my boyfriend gets upset whenever I plan to see the opposite gender anywhere doing anything because it's "unsafe," and even tell his mom to tell me not to go if I was determined to. I'm just not sure on what to do or how to go about this relationship because I have tried to be as patient as possible. What gets me mainly is the fact that when he confessed about all of his lies, he didn't have an exact date/plan on telling me/coming clean. What do you think? Is this relationship toxic or what? The only "wrong" thing I have done towards him was having to be flirtatious to men at my retail job so they could sign up for the credit card which is what the company determines on who they fire.
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Will this relationship become fruitful or not?
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