What should I do about this guy?

I just started my new job. There was this guy around my age. I think he’s cute but I wasn’t focused on him or anything, I was just there to do my job. One of my managers asked him to train me on something. He started talking to me and was like “it’s your first day right?, do you like it here” and i told him it was ok and we both laughed. Then he asked me was I in school and I told him I was in college and told him the name of it and he was like “oh that’s a big one” and I was like “yeah” then he asked what high school I went to and I told him and he asked if it was a charter school and he told me he went to the school right down the street from me. We were laughing because we both knew that school had a lot of problems and he was like “yeah I graduated” which was kind of random. Then he asked was I from there and I told him I was. We didn’t have any more time together for the rest of the day but we had some glances. I was walking to my break and he came into and saw me and immediately went into the other room and which was weird. He seems very laid back. I’m very shy so it’s hard for me to talk to guys. I’ve had one boyfriend before but we don’t even talk or have each other’s social media anymore. I’m 19 and I think the guy at work is too. His mom works there too and I helped her all day and they thought I left and when I came back she was like “me and my son thought you left” I don’t want to get my hopes up and we never talk again. Today we didn’t have any one on one but he’s held the door for me and seems really like a gentleman. I think it would be fun to try some things with him. He kind of seems friendly around all the older ladies at work too. I don’t know what to do. I have such a hard time talking to guys. I won’t see him again until the day after tomorrow.
What should I do about this guy?
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