What's up with him, did he only wanted sex?

So this guy and I were talking on an app for a month and agreed to see each other when I come to visit my brother in his city. We both made it clear that we are not looking for ONS or casual, that we want relationship. Then few days before I came to the city I asked him when does he want to meet. He said Saturday would be good for him. Okay so I'm there and it's Saturday and I ask him what are his plans for the evening. He says nothing in particular and invites me over to his place (?). I politely decline that invitation because I know what that means (sex) and suggest going out instead. He says he's tired and has a headache, and asks if I want to go out the next day instead. I agree and we decide on a time & place, all good. The next day comes and before I'm about to head out I text him to confirm it, and he says he can't make it today (without an apology) and asks to re-schedule it for two days in advance. At this point I'm pissed and I called him out on being flaky. I wasn't a total bitch, just said nicely that it's obvious that he's not really interested in going on a date and I don't like wasting my time, and wished him all the best. He got suuuper defensive and offended, told me that I should take it easy and that I'm over-reacting. Went on and on about how busy he is and how impatient I am, that he can't just drop all plans & responsibilities for me. I (stupidly) gave him a benefit of a doubt and told him it's fine and to message me when he can make the date happen. He said he will but I never heard back from him again.
1 y
Mind you that he texted me and called me every single day throughout the entire day for A MONTH! He was the one initiating everything.
What's up with him, did he only wanted sex?
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