Is he just not interested in me?

This guy and I have been talking for about two months now. We finally met last week and it was a fairly strange meet up. He has a very demanding job and he is a father of 3 kids. Today we were supposed to meet again but... he told me his afternoon at work got hectic and he will have to work later than he thought. I said okay and asked when he'd like to reschedule. He told me he has his kids tomorrow and he has a far office the rest of the week and kids on the weekend. Then he told me that Thanksgiving week will be tricky.

I said okey dokey and he apologized for the short notice. I told him it's okay and he thanked me for understanding. I told him no problem just now I have more of a reason to rub his shoulders and now he owes me a kiss for the delay. He told me I was cute and thanked me.

Did he really have to work later and the holiday just messed him up? Or... is he just legit not interested. I feel like we have not texted as intensely like we use to before we met the first day... I don't know. I'm trying to stay positive. I don't have kids and I'm significantly younger. I've been nice... Granted I'm a little bit weird with my interests in fantasy and goth themed stuff; which he knows about. We were talking about me being awkward and he told me no rush... I wonder if my spill about us having all the time in the world and our journey together is all that matters scared him off... because he said after that our friendship is all that matters; we're friends. (We've kissed and shared nudes, it's complicated.)

Is it me? Or is he a legit busy workaholic father of 3 and appreciates my understanding?
Is he just not interested in me?
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