Which would you choose?

Currently, I'm talking to one guy who is absolutely amazing. He treats me well, he's there for me, and he's very stable. Also, he doesn't force anything for push anything and is very patient. We generally always have a decent time together.

On the other hand, I have a guy friend who I have been (and continue to be) intimate with who I have a lot of feelings for. He obviously doesn't care about me as much but I have way more fun with him and find that I am much more attracted to him both physically and mentally.

Should I abandon stable guy for fun guy, stay with stable guy, or abandon both? It's really confusing.


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  • It depends on what you're looking for.

    If you're looking for a long-term relationship, I think guy A is your best bet.

    If you don't want to settle down, and just have a fun short-term fling, then stick with guy B. He's the guy that 'you want but can't have'. No strings attached.


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  • You didn't say anything about the stability or personality of the second guy. You just said you like one but not the other. So at this point you should choose the second guy.

    • Ok oops I re-read that. You said little about the second guy in comparison.

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  • Guy you're talking to- treats you well, he's stable, he's there for you, patient, respectful and you get along with him.

    *This type of guy is hard to come by

    Guy friend- you need to stop sleeping with him. If you keep having sex with him you'll always have those emotional ties to him. the first step is to stop seeing him and let it go. He doesn't care about you as much as you care about him so this automatically should disqualify him. Yes, you have fun with him and you're very attracted to him but he's not right for you and you'll only get hurt with him.

    But do you LIKE the stable guy or are you convincing yourself to like him because he has all the "right" qualities? Either way I think you should stop messing with the fun guy so you can be free and allow yourself to think clearly and make the best decision