Is this guy really still interested?

I have been speaking with someone from an app for maybe two weeks. Last week, we spoke on the phone for a few hours. We have been texting & everything seemed to be going fine. There’s a few red flags: he’s eager to meet up & I want to push back because of COVID, he’s already mentioned his plans to want to settle down later on and have a family & he called me pet names earlier in the game but I cut that out real quick. Considering we are only in the talking phase,
Is this guy really still interested?
Is this guy really still interested?
I was in a beach condo until yesterday for my birthday and the last I heard from him was Monday. He texted me happy birthday Monday morning, I replied in the noon & he left me a voicemail Monday evening. I did not call him back, I haven’t heard from Him since, I see he’s clearly been viewing my IG stories. I’ve been posting & indicated that I am back home in my stories, he views but has not reached out to me personally. Yes, I did not return his missed call but if he was really interested, he would have checked in by now. It’s been 2 days but if you really like someone you’d be a bit more persistent. I followed up with him yesterday, look at our text communication (I’m green he’s grey).
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Is this guy really still interested?
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