Confused about my situation with my crush?

For the last 2 months I have been chatting and talking to shit girl I encountered on a online dating app. It is wort mention she lives in another country than I do. We vibed from the start and began long conversations through calls from the first day. We can talk for hours about everything. in periods we would speak together everyday.

Also the texting was great and we had daily contact. The ratio between initiating contact was like 60% her and 40% me. Flirts and that shit was of course present from both sides, everything went smooth if you ask me. A bit over week ago she became kind of distant and did not initiate as she used to. I know she have had some problems regarding health and a major assignment in school and I of course was trying to be as supportive as you can when I could not be there for her (even though I suggested it). I continued the initiation but it was just not the same.

Gave her some space and thought she might write if she had the need for it. after 5 days I could not wait any longer and I reached out for her. she seemed happy that I did and we spoke for a couple of hours that night. I of course wrote her a sweet message before going to sleep (got 1 return as well) and reached out again the next day (today). She answers my messages pretty quick, usually within 5 min. In the last week I have seen her Online on the dating app we met (I know I probably should not spy on her but I can't help it!), and it makes me kind a depressed.

Just to clear it out. If it is not clear already clear, I have a crush on this girl and I have not hidden the fact that I have in the last 14 days (Not by letting out that I love her but more indirectly of course). She did not say directly the same but as I picked up from out conversations and texting she is/was likely on the same page. We have met 1 time after like 2 weeks and it was a blast for me and I guess also her as the whole thing went to another level up until all this happened.
Confused about my situation with my crush?
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