I went on a date with a guy and now I'm unsure what to do as he lives miles away, help?

I matched with a guy on tinder, he's 2 years older, pharmacist and he lives 65 miles away from me. We matched as he was working in my area and he went on tinder while here.

He messaged me saying "sup" as he thought I was fake, then soon realised i wasn't. We went on a date a month later, he made 4 plans incase any didn't work and drove 2 hours back home. This was in July.

The date was 6 and a half hours long, never any awkward moments and we got on so well, we have so much in common and he's so sweet and so good looking.

We kept messaging eachother, but due to the distance didn't see eachother even a month after so I called it off as we were becoming pen pals. I couldn't stop thinking about him and messaged him and he was a bit dismissive.

Two months later he's messaging me again and when we do it's paragraph long messages. He keeps hinting at me and him being an "item". He says he thought I was fake as I was too pretty to be attracted to him, I wasn't a catfish and he thought I was out of his league.

I think about him all the time, it's just the distance and due to both breaking up with our partners around the same time, we're both living with parents which isn't ideal, it's not the right time.

I've never met a guy where I click with so much, but he's so far away. What do I do?
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We both clearly are interested in eachother. But both of us don't know how to flirt and we both think we're out of each others leagues. I think it's more of a who will be the first to actually open up about it.
I went on a date with a guy and now I'm unsure what to do as he lives miles away, help?
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