The other guy after it?

lets say that a girl, had to chose between two guys(her ex and a new one), having chosen the ex, slept with him and later dumped by him, how would she feel about the "other guy"(the one she did not choose), what would she think of him and if she wanted to start something new with him, how far would she go(not as in doing something nasty or disgraceful that was asked by the guy)


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  • the other guy wouldn't be a no-no, but I guess she'd want some time. yet, she may not have chosen him for a reason, apart from the obvious another-guy one.

    • lets say the guy she did not chose, was not picked because of something she misunderstood

    • I'd be scared he might be a rebound anyway. But as long as she understands that thing right now... I don't know, I think it's too hypothetical to answer

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