Would this be needy and desperate?

Bare with me because I could use some help.

This girl (24) who drunk snapped me and said “I’ve always wanted to fuck you 👅👅” and “I wanna be fwb” We’ve also exchanged nudes multiple times before and once after. She snaps be first every single day, so we have an all around decent report between each other.

A week later I snapped her “hey come over” late on a Saturday night, but she couldn’t because she had to work a double shift the next morning, which turned out to be true.

Would it be desperate and needy to tell her to come over again without her reciprocating that same energy in between? I’m gonna wait two weeks from when a first asked her, and when I’ll ask her again. I’m also thinking about ignoring her several days leading up to the second time I ask. Is all of this a good/bad move? Or should I just ghost her completely and let her come to me, if that even happens.

Also, when or if I ask her the second time, I’m thinking about saying “hey you should come chill this weekend. No excuses this time”

What do you think about all this?
Would this be needy and desperate?
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