Do I sound shallow when it comes to dating?


I’m in my mid twenties and have never been in a real relationship. I will say all of my “dating” experiences have come from the apps, I’ve never went out with people I’ve met in social scenarios or school/work. I don’t ever get approached in person which is why I use apps. I don’t think I’m a 10, people (aside from fam/friends) have commented about how I’m attractive etc. I’m very quiet and don’t think that’s such a detriment to be cursed with permanent single hood. I do know for certain I will end up alone (not self fulfilling prophecy) but I just don’t get how I’m so unlucky. My dating life is as follows: the ones I want don’t want me back and only unattractive or decent looking shorter men want me. I do not want to be with someone repulsive nor someone who’s only an inch taller than me. Anytime I talk with someone good looking they either ghost, only want sex or are total jerks who play games. Is my experience as uncommon as I think it is? I’ve tried messaging people on the apps first but it doesn’t work out well.
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Do I sound shallow when it comes to dating?
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