I told him I got jealous of his step sister. Did I overreact?

Sooo I was visiting my bfs family for the weekend. His step sister was there (not related by blood and his mother and father are not married). She said one time that she consideres them more as friends tvan siblings.

Anyways. During the weekend I saw them interacting and I thought he was being super flirty with her. They were saying sexual jokes, nudged at each other a lot etc. I approached him when the evening was over and asked him if he liked her, because they were being flirty. I approached him very carefully, was completely calm.

He got very uncomfortable by the question and said that was the weirdest thing to say. He said she is her sister and thats all he ever considered her. He told me I had some valid reasons to believe that but overall misunderstood the whole thing.

My boyfriend has ADD so feelings hit him extra hard. He got super uncomfortable the day after and told me he was just shocked that I would say something like that. He started thinking I was an overly jealous person (which Im not, I just felt like I had my reasons that night). But we eventually got over it.

Still, I feel super uncomfortable about the whole thing and I regret bringing it up. I just feel like I had to tell him because I was getting flirty vibes. They have known each other for 5 or so years so he said they have known each other for a long time. However she broke up recently and that's maybe why I don't trust her. She said she was in a hoe fase.

My boyfriend has always been nice to me and given me attention. I never feel jealous otherwise or tell him over small things. I respect his privacy. We have a good relationship and he talks often about wanting to marry me someday.

He has also not said a lot of good things about her, like she is spoiled and rude sometimes. I'm just hoping he didn't say that because he was secretly wanting to be with her.
I told him I got jealous of his step sister. Did I overreact?
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