Guy wants to take things slow after we had sex, why?

I connected with a guy I had met once a yr prior at work on a dating app. Our conversations on the app/text were lengthy and long we had rapport. Out first date was coffee 1.5 hours I declined his offer to watch a movie at his house after. 2nd date a hike, followed by cooking at my place/ movie. We did hook up, I wasn't planning on it. It had been awhile and I felt comfortable.
We had plans Fri night to get take out hense the 4 week freeze and go on a night hike. The day prior he asked if he could come over, he did we just hooked up had pillow talk and he left. Friday night we had out date, immediately when I get there he wants sex, then we order food and hike. He had said in text he wanted to take things Slow and see what happens.
He has a 5 yr old daughter and he is seeking a relationship. I told him I wasn't down on taking things slow while having sex because no would develope feeling's. I was honest and said I know my worth and everything was rushed and sex was a huge topic. I told him i needed space and to not text me. I don't want to take that risk continue to date and have sex without knowing where I stood. He said we could we could date as friends with no sex. I never responded. Thoughts on the whole " let's take it slow" is he a player or wants to not rush into things fAst. I don't feel be was properly courting me, also CoViD restrictions. He would text me every morning.
Guy wants to take things slow after we had sex, why?
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