He invites me somewhere but then doesn't answer my texts?

So tonight I was invited by a guy I am currently seeing (we've been out three times since March) to a BBQ at his friend's house (or what I assumed was his friend's house since I know one of his friends lives in the town I was going to and he lives in a different town).

I accepted the invitation and told him that I had to take care of a few things but I would let me know when I was on my way. This only took about an hour so I took my GPS and headed off on my way to this house. I texted him as I was leaving to let him know I was on my way. I never heard back from him.

I get to the house and not only are there no cars parked outside and I didn't see his car, but I didn't hear anybody outside having a bbq or anything. I texted him to tell him I was there and called him and have not heard back from him. It's 2 hours later.

What gives?


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  • Well, the GPS may have taken you to the wrong house. You may have the wrong address.

    He may have his phone on vibrate, discharged or just doesn't hear the ringer.

    There are lots of excuses he could give you.

    I know it wasn't the greatest situation, but what happened?


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