Why do I feel like I should call him or text....lately or b4 I always want too?

but its been couple of days now and I just feel like I need to call him or say hi..have no seen him over months or heard of him about a month..idk if it was the cold text I said..shud I do it..or wat?


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  • who is he? how did it end? what ended? friendship? relationship? what?

    • more than friends..ended when he asked for me bak than ignored me.not like I was buzzing him 1 time I don't do that sh*t..clingy ew..but what ended was he just stopped showing interest I guess? :(:( no relationship ugh its a long story..does it honestly matter if it was a relationship or not?

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    • Sweetie, I know what you're going through believe me I do. But you need to know, and this is going to hurt, but he doesn't care about you, he never cared about you. You weren't a person to him, just a body. He used you, got what he wanted, and he moved on. While you're still attached because girls are attach emotion to sex. He hurt you, don't let him hurt you again. Stop thinking about this guy and please please please don't call him because he's only going to hurt you more

    • holyyy f***.my stomach hurts..ouch lady...he did care about me..n I'm not jus saying that..i wanted the friends with benefits..idk..he was not my first and the sex was sh*ty..ha :( I was attached to my first guy but we had it good..he didn't hurt me he's being an ass to me and needs to talk to me.yes I miss him lots and want his sex..but what kills me few reasons but he didn't say bye..i will not call him I'm telling u..i want him to..n if he does..i will f*** with his mind.get him bk he did that 2 me

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