What is a good second date that will really help me avoid the F ZONE?

Or at least let me know if I am in it or not. Meet this really cool girl and went out with her to a coffee shop recently. I think we had a good connection, we talked at the coffee shop for like 3 hrs and only left because I had lectures really. The date had really no flirting which is what worries me, maybe a couple moments when our legs touched and she didn't move and some intense eye contact from time to time but nothing else. The goodbye was a big strong hug, and I kissed her on the cheek. What you think is a good second date and a good way to know at the end of it if she is attracted to me as more than friends?


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  • I wouldn't make it super romantic. It's still very early. Don't be afraid of the so called "friend zone". Lots of girls don't even want to get romantically closer to a guy without some kind of friendship bond first. So you'll have to become her friend first. This is for the best anyway. Getting physical early, usually ends things early.

    I would take her to a bar or a club maybe. Drinks are a good icebreaker. Grab a table and some drinks and you'll have a lot to talk about. Plus alcohol. It's a win win. I would go for the kiss at the end of the night when she is by her car. Start with a close mouthed kiss because she may be freaked out if you try to eat her face. It's only you're first kiss anyway. There will be more.


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  • Do something really fun, women are attracted to men that are fun & exciting. There are tons of fun things to do at the beach if you have one of those near you.


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  • Sex is a good second date... ;p

    Seriously, though.. Do something cool.. Something original.. What's something you've always wanted to do? What's something she's always wanted to do? Better yet: see what kind of a person she is and choose some activity that seems nice for the two of you.. Or something out of the ordinary for her (she's a business person? take her to a sporty thing, e.g.).

    So.. What will it be, then?
    Boxing? Judo? Dancing? Call up a clinic in your neighborhood and ask whether the two of you can come for a practice lesson.
    Swimming? Go to a water park or the beach or some swimming-permitted lake in the area.
    Tennis? Squash? Go do that.. There are plenty of gyms in your area, I bet you.. Squash is great fun to play and mess around with, though very intense and energy consuming.
    As for movies? There are plenty of ways you can spice that one up. If you have one, go for one of those cult classics cinemas.. Sneak in some wine.
    Of course, after your activity, go back to your/her place, cook something cool together, play some games.. Chess, card games, board games, whatever you have.. Add some alcohol.
    Maybe go to the park or the back yard of whatever later at night to see the stars.. Bring a portable radio...

    Just as important that WHAT you do, though, is HOW you do it.
    So be flirty and playful, man.. Tease, joke, play around, mess around.. Ask crazy questions. Don't take stuff too seriously..
    TOUCH HER! Be courteous and lead her through the door with a touch on the back. When laughing or making a point, touch her hand. Brush the hair out of her eyes. Check out her earrings. High five(!) Have a bit of a lingering touch.

    Also: lead up to it. Make it exciting. Make her fantasize. Don't tell her what you're going to do. Just tell her what stuff to bring, what to wear, any random ingredient for your dinner/desert.
    "Alright, bring your sexiest set of sports clothing, some carrots, some good wine and a set of cards."
    "Alright, I want you to dress up sexy yet classy. Like with a dress shirt and a waistcoat or something, and bring some strawberries and a cool boardgame.. Surprise me"

    A'ight? Be sure to tell us what you're gonna do, ok? Some inspiration is always nice ;p
    And how it turned out, of course..



    • Thanks for all the tips, I got my plan


  • that sounds like a terrible first date, at least you only took her out for coffee. Honestly, not making a move right away maybe too late, for next time what I do is as soon as a I meet a girl I take her by the hand, if she holds back, awesome, if she doesn't then at least I made my intent clear, that I want to f*** her eventually and not be her friend

    Now about what to do, I'd probably arrange to meet at her place or yours for a movie and make your move there, if you can't do that then go for another coffee date, or maybe to a club where you can have a drink and dance then make your move while dancing with her

    • LOL terrible? What it is a coffee shop not a club. I meet her at a club and really didn't know anything about her before that day. Only thing I regret is not using more cocky funny because I am usually not cocky but she definitely thought I was funny. Couple pretty good laugh out loud during the date. Anyway was actually leaning towards a house date, cause I can cook pretty decently and wine is always a good way to get her shyness to go away.

    • You should be at least making out with her by the first date, of not from first meeting her, that's why I think it sounds terrible