First love, hard to let go?

bottom and miss him to death..

hav a feeling we may get back together after sometime apart

wld love to hear your stories...did you/are you with your first love?

or did you get back with an ex after time apart?


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  • Like another poster said, "first loves don't last". The reason they don't is because both people have nothing else to compare that person to (assuming they both are inexperienced). I think what you're referring to happened more back in say the 1950s or in movies. I don't know a single person that ended up with their first boyfriend/girlfriend forever. I'm so glad I didn't end up with mine. First loves are infatuations that you later realize were a mistake and the best decision you could of made was to date other (and better!) people.

    • i know...statistically there's not really a I know many people who are still (and serious) with their first love. its a hard feeling for me as I don want to meet anyone I feel like he is what I want/need and might not find tht in someone else :(

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    • Best answer.

    • How is this the most helpful opinion? This is definitely not as true as it's trying to sound. Because I for a fact know at least 2 people are still with their first loves.

      Infatuation is the 'in love' feeling in my experience. That creates the start of the relationship, that then always fades and goes in to 'loving' a person.

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  • Going through my second break up with the girl I love and strangely enough I know loves me too, but she is terrified of feeling love so she dumped me. It's not been easy, actually it's been the hardest thing I've ever gone though. I hope we can get back together and I've been putting months of work into making that happen, but I'm not so sure anymore. In the mean time I'm going to try to find someone to date and maybe she'll be better then my ex. Maybe you should try finding yourself a couple dates too, it may do you a world of good.

    • im not the type of girl who can go on a date...knowing I'm in love with someone else..i don't know? am I being to old fashion in that respect? especially if tht other person develops feelings to me...and I can't giv them back..(hence a rebound)

      what 'work' hav you done the past few mnths? rying to get mine back to..yet don't knw where to go from now? :(

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    • That's good, your chances will increase quite a bit by holding out. And good luck to you! Feel free to friend request unless you're intent on keeping that anonymous status.

    • request sent :)

  • i am a whimp, I got dumped 7 times-world record:)- untill I lost intrests followed by losing feelings in general.

    i envy people who feel anything at all let alone love and pain.

    • Lives though dude :/

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    • ive been through that whole process of hating and anger...but now...thinking with a clear mind...i cant...i jst love him to much.and he doesn't deserve to be hated :(

    • sh*t happens...get over it and focuson yourself baby, cause its a sh*tty world we live in and unless you get yourself together you are doomed...

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  • Me and my "first love" love broke up and got back together about a year later. Then broke up a year after that. Moral of the story: if it didn't work the first time, it's unlikely it's work the second, or third, or... You get the jist of it.

    "They" always say that you never have another relationship like your first love. And thank God for that, cos things worked out much better this way.

    • yes true...but at the same time some people need some time apart to realize wht they had..miss...etc..and fix themself up and the second time round could be twice as better than the first...depends on the situation and two people I guess

      this can apply to both first loves...or 20th love.

      i had a good relationship..we unfortunately broke up to another I find it hard thinking tht I could think poorly of my first relationship.

      each to their own I guess

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    • Exactly right! Good luck hun

    • thnku x

  • nope. first loves never last, just a little reality check. you'll date many many guys before finding the one. have many heartaches and pain before finding eternal happiness.

    • i know...but I know many people who are still with their first love..married them etc..

      i know its rare but it doesn happen...i guess I jst believe in the power of true love to much :(

    • it doesn't happen. maybe one in a billion. I don't know a single person who ended up with their first love forever. it just doens't happen except in movies

    • my parents did :)

  • exactly the same here... despite the fact he hurt me so much and now likes to pretend I don't exist...

    • its his way of dealing..he tries to put himself in a cave and hopefully the situation goes away...rather than him confronting u..

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