We haven't talked since, advice?

Everything was going great for 3 weeks we talked,flirted and had fun! then I went with the girl and her friend to a store I left and we Haven't talked since...so wtf gives? she won't text or even I'm me on Facebook but, hasn't deleated me from there...should I just be patient or something and wait? maybe her friend said something? what should I do? I like her a lot but..idk?

Also at the store everyhting seemed fine great actually! I mean her friend gave me a few bad vibes but... really?


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  • If the friend was giving bad vibes, you might be out. When I like a guy at some point pretty early in the relationship (like within the first month or so) I'll introduce him to a friend or too. They're not blinded by the thrill of a new relationship, so they might see things that I wouldn't see. If they told me the guy was giving them a bad vibe, I'd at least consider what they had to say. In one case like that, I did actually break up with the guy like 2 weeks later. They were pointing htings out I didn't want to see.

    Some girls are too swayed by their friends, and even if you're a nice guy might want to break it off if the friends aren't convinced he's decent. You should call her or send her a Facebook message (calling is better) and ask her if she wants to hang out. Don't ask her why she hasn't been talking to you, just see if she wants to hang out.

    • but I came with on my own will...cuz we were supposed to hang and I thought it would be OK but obviuosly not...

    • Whether you came of your own will or not, it seems it was the acid test. Call her, and see what's up.

    • Ok,well I called and no answer...Idk what she wants me to say...

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  • Whenever, and I mean when the --F***-- ever, I have any vibe like that from a girl, it's never good news. If you feel like something is up or different, it is.

    The thing is no matter what they will always come around and see how stupid they were being about why ever they treated you cold. Once they feel enough time has passed that it doesn't matter anymore, something will trigger in their mind and they will tell you exactly what the reason was.

    Most the time it's something so dumb and stupid you'll never guess it correctly, but it's always something that she misinterprets and you could have just talked about if she had brought it up . However, girls are horrible communicators. They think they have to be independent and can't talk to any guy they like about a problem, so they won't.

    Now here comes the part that nobody wants to hear, but the best thing you can do is just lay off. It's clearly over anyway- why make yourself look like even more of an ass? There were girls before her, there will be more after, so just forget about her and find another. Just play it cool. Don't let it seem like it bothers you at all and sooner than later she'll tell you what's up. They always do.