Why in the world can't I date a guy my own age?

So all my life since I was 16 I've dated guys in there 20's sometimes up too 28 and I'll do wrong Because I'll lie to them that I was 18 and it was believable Because I always had my hair nails done abd would wear make up and when I'll see them I'll dress older and hotter but I know it was wrong of me I could of gotten them into trouble but I don't know why I did it idl why I couldn't see guys my age to me they were all ugly and when I'll try to date a guy my age we wouldn't click so now that I'm really 18 I'm into this guy that's 31 he is so sexy and has the best personality ever but you wanna know what can be the reasons I'm into older men? And how can I talk about this with my mom if I ever start dating that 31 year old guy


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  • Girls usually date or are attracted to older men because 1 they are more mature, 2 they have played all the games and have grown up, or 3 they are looking for daddy figure. As far as talking to your mom about it. I would just ask her if she ever dated an older man? And just go from there.