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My first boyfriend, first love, called me to ask if he could date my separated older sister. We broke up 2 years ago. I was shocked. I said I didn't need to talk to her. If he wanted to ask her out to ask her. I was not shocked she said yes. Hurt, but not shocked. She is immature for her age and wants what I have. To be single and do what she wants. What is he up too?


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  • It's really difficult to answer that without knowing more about the people involved. At the very least, your ex did the appropriate thing in bringing his interest in your sister to your attention first. If all he wanted was to take advantage of a hurting woman (i.e. separated/immature) I don't think he would demonstrate the class he did. Also, by his actions he's shown respect for you which means he still holds you in some regard.

    Given that, I'm inclined to doubt that you have anything to worry about.

    • Okay, you have got to explain that one. How does he respect me by talking to me before dating my sister? I don't believe in sex before marriage. My ex-boyfriend and sister know this. He wanted us to date other people. So we broke up. He already was dating someone but didn't tell me. I found out.

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