Why won't my boyfriend kiss me?

We've been dating for about a month, and he still hasn't kissed me yet. He's my first boyfriend, so he'd be my first kiss. He's had a lot more experience with me, so I don't understand why he'd be so nervous. He keeps saying he wants to, but whenever it seems like we're about to he doesn't. How can I get him to kiss me? thanks. (:


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  • Sounds to me that he's nervous. Although you guys know each other well, kissing isn't something y'all have shared yet. He probably feels confident when you guys just talk about it, but when the moment seems right, he may have random insecure thoughts like it may go wrong or you won't like it or something. Another possibility may be that he is waiting for you to make the first move. He probably cares about you and wants to make sure you are ready. Sometime when you two are together, if he is babbling about something random to fill the silence, catch him off guard and just kiss him. He'll kiss back, promise. :)

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