Online dating guy flaked?

Okay so I met this guy through an online dating site (Stupid yea) we started chatting, staying up late getting to know each other, flirting, etc. Well we finally made plans to meet and watch a movie or grab a coffee to talk, and when the day came up he never showed. The guy seemed REALLY interested in me, so I am just generally confused to why he flaked on our date, and is now ignoring my text messages (Which I only sent one the whole week, just a friendly "hi").


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  • maybe he was at the wrong address, try calling him lol, and sometimes people don't get text messages, cause a lot of times a person would tell me why I didn't answer their call or text. it's because I didn't get it.

    • This was last Wednesday when he flaked, and he has me added as a friend on FB. Wouldn't he have messaged me about it if he didn't receive my texts?

    • he wouldn't know if he didn't recieve your texts :)! lol

    • Yes, but he would have said something seeing as how we had a date planned right?

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  • Kinda sounds like he either wasn't as into you as he let you believe or has some major insecurity issues and may have thought that you wouldn't like him...i don't know either way I would forget about it and move on :)

    • Thanks! :) Hopefully someone better will come along!

    • Hell girl! Someone will :) what I always think is that one mans loss is another mans gain...besides if he's showing his flaky nature now what do you think he would be like later? Good luck the right person is defiantly out there you just can't look for him he will find you! Sometimes I think we ladies just want to find that special someone so badly that we tend to overlook the things that are turnoffs and then we end up settling for something much less than we deserve!

    • Haha thank you! I just hope it's soon! I'm definitely not going to try and settle for anything less than the best :)