Do you think she will contact me again?

A girl I have been dating on and off for the past year, last week we decided and agreed to go our separate ways. We had not spoken to each other all week, but early this morning at 3 a.m she called me, but I missed her call.

Later in the morning after 11 a.m, I text her, and asked her that "I missed her call, and what's was up?"

She text back, "forget it now"..and I replied "Alright".

I do miss her, but I'm okay with us separating.

Do you think the reason she called was that she misses me, wanted a booty call, or will she call me again in the future? Let me know your opinion?


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  • I have been dealing with the same exact thing... Today or right now I got the upper hand in the game... I say game because it is like contact no contact tag... when she last texts and I don't answer I have the power, when I text and she don't answer I am wondering WTF is going on (WHAT DO YOU WANT WOMAN ?)...

    the place you need to get to is if she doesn't contact you ever again, Will you be OK with that?

    if the answer is yes then , you must move on , you need to grow !

    If you really want this girl back in your life ( and I mean really want her ) everything that annoys you , and things about her that you couldn't stand when around her , or wanted that she didn't do , or say , or things she did say and do that you just makes you wish to be somewhere else..if you can honestly believe you want that back ... because if you do get her back you get all those things too not just the things you adore about her... then you respond to her every drunk text game!

    you couldjust keep playing the no contact even if you do want her...

    she text you because she's thinking about you and hoping your miserable , that's why she did that FYI...

    • You have an excellent point..If I do want her back..I am taking back all the non-sense about her that turned me off to her..which in the long term will make me miserable.

      At this present time..I do not know, if I do or don't want her back..If I had it my way, I would just prefer seeing her casually once a week or every other week, until we work out issues, or I find someone else.

    • Also, most likely she was drinking and coming from a party when she called me at 3 a.m.

  • Honestly a girl texting or calling early in the morning or late at night can be quit confusing..either she was not able to sleep thinking of you or she wants something else..well you did your part..this did happen to me also..i think she is either setting a bait for you..because some women are still able to control their feelings and start doing random things to contact us or if you really like her then do the same..just message her at random or call..then if she doesn't reply back stay quiet..either she has something good to say or she is doing the push and pull with you..

    • When you say "push or pull", do you mean the tug of war she is having with her emotions?

    • yes, she is trying to say "forget it" when you replied but deep inside she wants to see your reaction and make you chase her again..if you think seeing her again casually will work then go along with it ask her out or at least make reasons to see her she'll get it =)