I'm wondering if he gave up?

Guys who texts the day after sex asking to hang out a lot after and then all the sudden stop?

well things went well and he texted me after sex and wanted to hang out again but it just didn't happen because I was busy. so I guess it was always me saying no...and then two days ago I said "what are you doing ;)" and he NEVER replied. so...I'm wondering if he gave up?


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  • He probably thinks you blew him off and aren't interested. You're gonna have to ask him out or set something up.

    • yeah I tried I sent him a text three days ago saying "hey what are you doing today ;)" and he NEVER replied...so whatever

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    • Mmmkay, you're not listening. You blew him off because you were "busy". Now your attempts at being the cutesie unavailable girl are going to come off to him as game playing to get him to do all the work. That means YOU WILL HAVE TO SET SOMETHING UP in order to show him that you aren't playing games, but at this point, you are playing games, so it's all moot.

    • how do I get him back without seeming to clingy? I've sent him two text messages the first one saying "nice" to his "i just got back from texas" and the second one "what you doin today ;)" and he NEVER replied. it's been 4 days now.

  • He texted to have sex again he most Likely felt you blew him off so he hit somethig else


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