Does age matter to guys in high school?

How much does age matter to a guy who is older then the girl to date? what's the age range that a guy would go out with a girl? In high school? Senior boy, sophomore girl?


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  • haha ima junior and absolute younggest I mean ABSOLUTE! freshman... and shed have to be pretty special, (alll girls are special but you know what I mean) senior and sophmore= no biggy but it would kinda suck knowing I'm not going to be with her the next year

    • haha yea I know what you mean. just one thing, the junior/freshman is a difference of 2 years and senior/sophomore is a diff 2 years, would that be cause maturity is different?

    • idk why... just a jr. frshman sounds a lot worse lol... I guess its part of the whole freshman being JUST out of middle school that makes you still think of them as kids... lol but yeah sr and soph doesn't sound bad

    • lol yea that makes sense thanks =)

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