Is she leading me on? (HELP A GUY OUT LADIES!!!!)

long story short: I have a crush on a friend of mine which she found out about a while back but thinks I got over it. she is intelligent, sexy, funny... you name it, she's got it. I have always had an easy time talking to girls and making them feel comfortable and flirting in general. the problem is the things that work for every other girls, do not work for her. she laughs, smiles, flirts and gives me looks all the time, but she always manages to brush me off in a elegant and indirect way.

to make matters worse, I'm 90% sure she likes a very good friend of mine which I'm totally cool with. I would never risk my friendship with my buddy over any girl. I decided to leave it at that and give it a break for a while. when I don't give her attention she always comes and finds a reason to sit with me and do things but when I the attention comes from me, she just brushes it off.

PS. this girls isn't a slut. in fact she is 17 and hasn't even been kissed by a guy yet! I always see her and my buddy flirting which doesn't bother me one bit, but id really like to know where she stands with me...


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  • SHE'S A TEASE :(

    • She probably doesn't realize she's doing it though, because as he said, she's never kissed a guy yet and she's still young.

    • Nothing is ever accidental. Ever. Lol she does know. She watches movies I'm sure and for her to never kiss a guy at her age is wonderful, but I am 100% she knows what she's doing to her buddy!

      I was the same wag w one of my friends...I just didn't think anything of it either. Until it was brought to my attention by him. We are best friends til this day:)) I'M YOUNG TOO!_ LOL

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  • she likes your attention, maybe she likes to think of you as a Maybe, but doesn't actually want more


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